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Notable Research on Psychedelics and Recidivism

Psilocybin and Criminal Recidivism

This study investigated the relationship between hallucinogen use and criminal recidivism among substance-involved offenders. The results indicated that those who had used hallucinogens had significantly lower rates of recidivism compared to those who had not, suggesting potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics in reducing criminal behavior.

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Psilocybin and Behavior Change in Incarcerated Individuals

This population study analyzed data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, focusing on the effects of psychedelic use on mental health and behavior. Findings indicated that psychedelic use was not linked to increased mental health problems or suicidal behavior and suggested potential positive behavioral changes, including reduced criminal behavior.

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LSD and Long-term Recidivism Rates

This study revisited the Good Friday experiment, focusing on the long-term effects of LSD. While not exclusively focused on recidivism, the follow-up suggested that participants who experienced profound psychedelic experiences had sustained behavioral changes, which included reduced antisocial behavior and improved social functioning.

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