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Jeff Detrick


Jeff Detrick is a US Army veteran who served 12 years as a medic, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. He works in higher education as a director working with adult learners and veterans in pursuit of their educational goals. Jeff is the Vice-Chair of the Southern Nevada Veteran Memorial Cemetery Committee where his father and uncle are interred and a Commissioner on the Nevada Veterans Services Commission.

While pursuing his post-secondary education at UNLV, Jeff became involved with the student veteran population on campus. He has worked with our elected officials at the state and federal levels advocating for student veteran education policy. He was the president of the UNLV Rebel Vets, co-founder and inaugural president of the UNLV Alumni Veterans Club, and UNLV’s first team lead for the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (P.A.V.E.) program. Jeff completed his Bachelors in Psychology in 2016 and his Masters in Public Administration in 2020 at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.

Jeff’s transition out of the military was more difficult than he anticipated and completely unprepared for. After going through the standard mental health care offered by modern medicine, which wasn’t having a positive impact, he knew he needed to find another means of treatment. Jeff credits the power of psychedelic medicine with his mental and spiritual transformation. Through advocacy and policy reform it is his hope that psychedelic medicines, most of which are naturally occurring, can be accessed by those individuals seeking an alternative means of care for their mental health. This modality of treatment will be provided through ethically regulated standards of care and trained professionals in a safe and welcoming environment.

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