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Bryan Lang


Bryan H. Lang is a visionary impact investor currently serving as CEO of Trans World Health Services, Inc., an international healthcare consultancy and IT firm. His career includes work with over 400 commercial, government, military, and not-for-profit organizations on five continents. His focus areas include medical and psychiatric performance improvement, risk management, artificial intelligence and analytics, aviation, and harm reduction. 


Bryan currently focuses on one question: what will help us build better communities of the future? He is passionate about the intersection of mental health improvement, artificial intelligence, neuropsychopharmacology, and personal betterment, subject areas on which he spends most of his time.


Early in his career, Bryan led the development of the first integrated processes and systems for hospital-based quality improvement, risk management, utilization and case management, infection control, and credentialing. These systems featured predictive analytics to identify physicians at future risk of major patient liability so that mitigation efforts could be taken to reduce the probability of such events.


These systems were implemented in hundreds of hospitals in the USA and Canada as well as internationally. These successes led to development of care management systems serving prominent hospitals in NHS England. The UK systems were in turn expanded for the American hospital and insurer marketplace, which led to investment by Sequoia and Greylock, acquisitions, and an initial public offering as the first population health management company. It provided systems supporting care for 93 million Americans.


Subsequent to the sale of his original company, Bryan founded additional companies in the US and UK and became an impact investor. His interests extended to novel treatments supporting patients with PTSD and other treatment-resistant chronic conditions in military and civilian populations. This led to the creation of artificial- intelligence-based systems for analysis and real-time coordination of chronic care across underserved regional populations, research regarding treatment using compounds including MDMA and psilocybin, and publications on psychotropic- induced crisis care. He recently completed an 18-month project leading a 20-person research and curriculum development team for risk reduction initiatives to address emergent U.S. decriminalization efforts of psychoactive substances.


He is also a founding editor with Zevic Mishor as well as contributor to the Manual of Psychedelic Support, to which they dedicated four years of their lives. The text is available for free download at or is available as hardcopy in the MAPS store. Since 2008, he has served as a harm reduction leader and educator at Burning Man and other large festivals in the US, Europe, Africa, and Australia.


Bryan has taught undergraduate and postgraduate computer science and capstone business courses. He holds a BA in International Relations from Pomona College with thesis in economics and specialization in Russian and Middle Eastern foreign policy, and Master’s studies in Computer Science from California State University Chico. He speaks five languages and has visited over 150 countries. He enjoys skiing, kayaking, mountaineering, mentoring, team building, oenology, and advising and investing in enterprises that help build better, healthier, sustainable communities.

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