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 saving lives + healing:
mental health

We are fighting for legalized & affordable access to psychedelic therapy, reduced penalties, and evidence-based policy reform through education, advocacy & collaboration.


Click the video below to see the inspiring work our legislators and community are doing to change policy reform in our state.




Do you have a first-hand account of how psychedelic-assisted therapy has made a profound impact and saved lives?  

Why is the issue of psychedelic drug policy reform critical?

Our state and country are facing a mental health crisis. Current treatments are ineffective and failing, and psychedelic medicines have shown great potential for treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, OCD, eating disorders, and more. ​

Much gratitude to Sam Shad and Nevada Newsmakers, for raising awareness about the healing potential of psychedelic medicines!

Sam Shad
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NCPM at PsyCon 2024

NCPM President Jon Dalton and board member Dr. Sam Zand presented at PsyCon in Las Vegas! Jon's talk walked the audience through the evolution of SB242 in Nevada's unique political environment and spoke to the significance of the need for effective mental health solutions. He also highlighted the necessity for a dual-pronged approach of reducing penalties alongside legalization instead of simply decriminalizing. "Only through regulated legalized access to psychedelic medicine will we be able to offer psychedelic-assisted therapy to our law enforcement, our firefighters, and our 911 dispatchers, many of whom suffer from PTSD. That cannot happen in a decrim-only model."

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NCPM Presents the Inaugural Healing Loudly Awards

NCPM had the honor of presenting State Senator Rochelle Nguyen and State Assemblyman Max Carter with the inaugural Healing Loudly awards at Sierra Psychedelic Society's Bicycle Day Celebration. Senator Nguyen and Assemblyman Carter were lead sponsors on SB242, and we are incredibly grateful for their leadership, advocacy, and efforts to advance policy reform in Nevada around psychedelic medicines!

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NCPM Las Vegas Fundraiser

NCPM gathered in Las Vegas with over 75 Nevadans for a fundraiser to support our work as we move towards the next legislative session. We heard from speakers like Dustin Hines, Ph.D., from UNLV, who is on the cutting edge of the research with these medicines. We also heard impactful personal stories from people like Assemblyman Max Carter. We are so grateful for all the supporters and donors who attended. We're excited to be growing our coalition in Sourthern Nevada!

Nevada legislature honors Nevada Psychiatric Association with proclamation

The NPA hosted to the 29th National Psychopharmacology Update in Las Vegas, Nevada, to include the “Back to the Future: Psychedelics in Psychiatry and Mental Health PreConference.” This historic event invited top researchers and professionals to discuss breakthroughs in psychedelic treatments, brain plasticity, and neuroscience.

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