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Why is the issue of psychedelic drug policy reform critical?

Our state and country are facing a mental health crisis. Current treatments are ineffective and failing, and psychedelic medicines have shown great potential for treating conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, OCD, eating disorders, and more. ​

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Nevada legislature honors Nevada Psychiatric Association with proclamation

The NPA hosted to the 29th National Psychopharmacology Update in Las Vegas, Nevada, to include the “Back to the Future: Psychedelics in Psychiatry and Mental Health PreConference.” This historic event invited top researchers and professionals to discuss breakthroughs in psychedelic treatments, brain plasticity, and neuroscience.

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Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines expresses our extreme gratitude to Senator Rochelle Nguyen, Bruno Moya, and Dr. Dustin Hines for their advocacy at the NAMI Southern Nevada Annual Conference!

In the words of Senator Nguyen:
"Just wrapped up our panel at the 2023 NAMI Southern Nevada's Annual Education Conference. Presenting alongside Dr. Dustin Hines and Bruno Moya was a privilege. The conversational program was rich, and the insights about mental health and the future of psychedelics were truly transformative. Feeling grateful for this collaborative platform!”

Thank you to Cofounder & Director of NCPM, Bruno Moya, for your hard work, expertise and enduring dedication to raising awareness around mental health and the great potential for healing through psychedelic medicines.

MCON 2023

MCON was a huge success! One of the standout moments from the conference was our president, Jon Dalton, taking the stage as a panelist in a discussion titled "Leading By Example: Veterans And Their Role In Mental Health Treatments & Policy." 

Growth Pioneers Podcast features Sierra Psychedelic Society & NCPM

Click the links below to listen to this powerful conversation about advocating for psychedelic medicine, the neuroscience behind the healing properties, and benefits to first responders and veterans. Doug Erwin and Kate Cotter also dive deep into the importance of education and integration, as well as the current state of policy in Nevada regarding SB242.


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